Editor’s Note: The Reawakening

TreyePicThis last year has been such an amazing journey.

I moved to the city of my dreams, traveled across the country, reconnected with lost friends and witnessed myself dream bigger than I ever knew I could.

But still I felt something was missing.

Through the hustle of the New York City streets and piercing screeches of rocky subway cars, I continually found myself captured by the effortless style I witnessed each day.

Be it the urban rocker on the 3 train,  impeccably layered in a moody leather jacket tossed over a waistcoat and midnight blue tie … Or the edgy prep, pairing his grey Air Jordans with a timeless layer of double denim …

I couldn’t deny my growing urge to once again share my passion for fearless style and the numerous ways any man can define his unique style personality. And with that, Treyematic was rebirth as my space to offer my menswear perspective, share fashion inspirations, highlight emerging trends in entertainment and celebrate the new class of creatives making their mark on the industry.

Menswear is a versatile game played effortlessly by fashion enthusiasts around the world, and I’m so excited to add my voice to the growing conversation. I hope you enjoy the words and images I share and find inspiration to continue shaping your own style identity.

Let’s live Bold. Let’s dress Smart.

Treye Green
Creator and Founder of Treyematic


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