Treye’s Picks February 2014: A Little Red And The Golden Girl


[1. Fred Perry Classic Canvas Backpack, $122 at ASOS. 2. Jack Spade Townsman Watch, $298 at Nordstrom, 3. Cashmere Crewneck Sweater, $225 at J.Crew, 4. Nike Air Max 1 Premium, $110 at Nike, 5. Rhodia Webnotebook, $17 at JetPens]

February is the month of love — or utter annoyance for those less concerned with the commercial trap that is Valentine’s Day. Nonetheless, I decided to theme my picks for the month in the color of the season – Red. I am aware this post is pushing close to two months behind. But I just had to share my picks from the past month. And whether you were a Valentine’s Day hater or lover this year, I’m sure there’s at least one item below that will warm you heart.

I’m wanting Fred Perry’s Canvas Backpack. I’m needing Jack Spade’s Townsman watch.  I’m splurging on the Nike Air Max 1 Light Crimson kicks . I’m writing in Rhodia’s red Webnotebook. And my favorite February cover girls are the stunning Kate Upton for V Magazine and the gorgeous, Oscar-winning Lupita Nyong’o for W Magazine.


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