Treye’s Picks March 2015: Camel Fedoras And A Reality Show


[1. Jazmine Sullivan’s Reality Show, $9.99 at iTunes App Store, 2. Brixton Hat, $115 at Nordstrom. 3. ZeroGrand Oxford, $268 at Cole Hahn. 4. Threes!, $1.99 at iTunes App Store. 5. Orchill AV1 Wallet, $50 at Nordstrom.]

Spring has lowkey sprung here in New York City, so I felt it only appropriate to attempt to breathe a little life back in my blog. And what better way to welcome Treyematic’s New Year — be it a few months overdue — with a fresh batch of Treye’s Picks.

While I braved the bitter cold and sporadic snow showers that marked March in NYC, I had Jazmine Sullivan‘s new album, Reality Show, to keep my mind off what lurked in the murky depths of the sidewalk slush puddles. But Jazmine’s return to music wasn’t the only my only obsession I had during the month. From the prototype Tracee Ellis Ross to the life-altering game Threes!, here are all the things that sparked my inspiration during the past month.

I’m listening to Jazmine Sullivan’s exceptional comeback album Reality Show. I’m covering my head with the Brixton Messer fedora. I’m wanting the sporty Cole Haan ZeroGrand oxfords. I’m needing Orchill’s AV1 wallet Time Teller Watch. I’m passing my time with the super addictive game Threes!. And my favorite March cover girls are the iconic Tracee Ellis Ross for Essence and the always gorgeous Rihanna for Harper’s Bazzar.


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