Sound Off






Photos — Chris Caicos

I went several years without a camo jacket as part of my wardrobe. But when I finally decided to make the leap, I knew exactly where I’d kick off my hunt for the perfect layering piece — the thrift store.

After a pretty lengthy search, I decided to add the jacket above to my outerwear collection. And it has remained a trusty go-to ever since. 

I have always been a fan of the versatility that comes with a camo jacket. You can wear it over a T-shirt during the summer or toss it over a sweatshirt and button down during the cooler fall months. And seeing that most thrift store camo jackets are unlined, they can also be easily be worn under even bulkier jackets come winter time.

I obviously went for the middle option with my latest look, letting my camo layer make the biggest statement after pairing it with one of my favorite worn-in crewneck sweatshirts and a blue button-down shirt. I added dark denim and black wingtips to ground the moody look, topping it off with a black fedora.


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