Photos — Chris Caicos

I have had a slight obsession with Mickey Mouse since I was little kid, so I can’t deny I was quite excited to uncover my Mickey Mouse Club sweatshirt during a thrifting trip a couple years ago.
It’s a pretty fun piece to dress up or dress down depending on my mood, going well with denim or even slacks and oxfords — if I want to mix it up a little more. And it is definitely a conversation starter for myself and my fellow Mickey fans I encounter.






Photos — Chris Caicos

After a couple of years of searching for the perfect navy topcoat, I stumbled along one of my favorite additions to my cold-weather wardrobe amid the madness of this year’s after-Christmas sales.

The silhouette of the jacket is lean but still roomy enough for me to add an extra layer if need be. And I have to admit this piece became a closet staple for me during our mild winter in NYC.


Spring Summer Feeling






Photos — Chris Caicos

With this mild New York City weather we’ve been having, I must admit I’ve gotten a little spoiled when it comes to ease of my winter layering. But my favorite days this season have been the ones I’ve been able to comfortably wear just a light jacket and T-shirt with no worries about a surprise burst making me second guess my outwear choice.

My jacket in the look above looks like a normal denim jacket. However, it features a cold-cutting lining that makes it the perfect fit for this winter’s spring-like days. With a snapback, white T-shirt, black low-top sneakers and distressed denim tossed into the mix, sharp comfort was definitely the theme for the day.   

Only U






Photos — Chris Caicos

One look inside my closet will offer a pretty clear view of my denim obsession. But I must admit that my denim bomber was quite the sartorial game changer when I found it during a random Friday night shopping trip.

Now the jacket is definitely made for milder weather if it is worn without another layer over it. However, when I do rock it solo, it makes a pretty bold statement when doubled — or even tripled — with a denim shirt and pants. And the texture and deep blue color is a great way to break up an-all black looks as well.

In the look above, I chose to give the all-denim option a go, adding a black and white snapback and grey sneakers for a little contrast.

Wanna Go Back







Photos — Chris Caicos

A flannel shirt is a winter layering must-have. So I always look forward to pulling out my trusty black and white plaid button-down when the temps start to dip a bit. I can easily toss it over a T-shirt — as I did in the look above or even a long-sleeved button-down or denim jacket in the fall.

And even when we get a winter blast — such as with our new friend Winter Storm Jonas last weekend — my flannel serves as a warm layer when I wear it under my parka or sherpa-lined trucker jacket.

I typically like to let the shirt be the focus of a look, though, just like I did above. I stuck with mostly black elements to pull everything together and added a little texture with a black leather jacket and worn-in khaki chinos. Topped off with a beanie, I was ready to take on a slightly chilly night in the City.







Photos — Chris Caicos

Sometimes I run into pieces that I just know I must have after one glance, and my olive coach jacket I purchased this fall happened to be one of those of finds.  It turned out to be a little more insulated than I expected, making for the perfect top layer if the temperatures aren’t too cold. And it is also roomy enough that I can still comfortably throw a denim jacket or sweatshirt under it if need be.

I paired it with my favorite pair of distressed denim jeans, an olive sweatshirt I found during a thrifting trip and my favorite black and white sneakers and Yankees snapback — making for a slightly moody moment on a crisp New York City day.

Sound Off






Photos — Chris Caicos

I went several years without a camo jacket as part of my wardrobe. But when I finally decided to make the leap, I knew exactly where I’d kick off my hunt for the perfect layering piece — the thrift store.

After a pretty lengthy search, I decided to add the jacket above to my outerwear collection. And it has remained a trusty go-to ever since. 

I have always been a fan of the versatility that comes with a camo jacket. You can wear it over a T-shirt during the summer or toss it over a sweatshirt and button down during the cooler fall months. And seeing that most thrift store camo jackets are unlined, they can also be easily be worn under even bulkier jackets come winter time.

I obviously went for the middle option with my latest look, letting my camo layer make the biggest statement after pairing it with one of my favorite worn-in crewneck sweatshirts and a blue button-down shirt. I added dark denim and black wingtips to ground the moody look, topping it off with a black fedora.

Are You Gonna Go My Way






Photos – Chris Caicos

It has been an unexpectedly mild December in New York City this year, and I must admit that I’m not yet longing for the warmth of summer! So what better way to give a timely nod to the perfectly crisp temps we are currently experiencing than with a listen to Lenny Kravitz‘s album Are You Gonna Go My Way and a look that’s equally as chill.

I picked up my Lenny T-shirt during a random shopping trip and paired it with a pair of jeans I distressed myself and my black wingtips. And with the addition of a navy and black snapback, the look quickly defined my take on comfy cool.

Northern Lights






It’s a new year and a confusingly frigid March in New York City. But this look I uncovered from the end of summer is a cozy reminder of what’s to come.

I came across those neon shorts while shopping a few summers ago. And for obvious reasons, they have become one of my most standout purchases ever.

I remember the day of this shoot perfectly. It was ideal for a light T-shirt, shorts and my favorite hat. I’m all about comfort during the blistering heat of summer, and this look was practical take on summer sharp. No tie or blazer required.







Chris Caicos

We’ve all got at least one music t-shirt we love. It may be a faded vintage concert tee you picked up at a thrift store or a black and white shirt you snagged at the “On The Run” tour this summer.

One of my favorites happens to be a Steve Miller Band shirt I purchased a few years ago. The simple, antique white shirt shows the band’s Pegasus logo It shows the groups logo. And paired with distressed denim, brown wingtips and a baseball cap, the tee brings the ideal rock ‘n’ roll touch to the look.