In Bloom

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Images by Chris Caicos

As much as we all hate to admit it, summer is quickly coming to a close. But as I prepare to transition into a new season, I’m getting the final wears out of of my warm-weather favorites.

Take my camo shorts for example — shorts I actually snagged for next to nothing during a sale a few years ago. Camo is quite the chameleon print, pairing well with both casual outfits or more dressed up looks. I mixed it with trainers and another obsession of mine, my Nirvana T-shirt, for a gracefully moody farewell to summer.


I Just Want To Be







Images by Christian Caicos

Since I was a little kid, I’ve always loved wearing baseball caps. Though I’ve moved on from flipping the brims up for the ultimate Fresh Prince of Bel-Air factor, caps remain one of my all-season staples.

My Boston Red Sox hat has grown to be my summer go-to. Its navy color allows it to easily compliment a varied amount of looks. Plus, its red “B,” trimmed with gold thread, adds just the right touch of sophistication to the typically casual accessory. I’m a sucker for a dope hat, and this one is most definitely a standout.

Fly Away






Images by Chris Caicos

These black jeans were just taking up space in my closet until I decided to breathe a little grungy life into them. I distressed them myself and quickly gained a new appreciation for my upgraded jeans.

I now wear them pretty often, especially on the days I’m feeling inspired by one of favorite style icons, Lenny Kravitz.

Mister Brooks

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Images by Chris Caicos

Sometimes my thrift store hunts lead to the discovery of some exceptional pieces, and this Brooks Brothers blazer is one my favorite finds.

The blazer’s gold buttons are what initially made it standout on the overstuffed rack of jackets. It dresses up a T-shirt or naturally pairs with a white button down and slacks, making it a malleable piece that adds a sophisticated edge to any outfit I wear it with. I must admit, I’m pretty obsessed with it!

Camo Blues






Images by Chris Caicos

I purchased this camo jacket toward the end of this winter season and it quickly became one of my go-to pieces. Camo is typically associated with more casual looks, but I wanted to make it part of a more dressy combo. I especially liked how the pattern paired with the texture of my favorite camel waistcoat and my navy knit tie.

With the temps warming up, I’ve tucked it away for now. But you can definitely believe it will triumphantly return from its hiatus this fall!

The Classics



Images by Ashely Corbin-Teich

I first considered re-launching my blog ahead of a shoot I did with photographer Ashley Corbin-Teich. That day, I styled myself and wanted my look to be simple and focused on classic menswear pieces every guy should own. I ultimately settled on a yellow oxford under a denim jacket, khakis and a cream pair of canvas Chuck Taylor sneakers.

The look was truly timeless, and it reminded me of the simplicity that accompanies so many of our go-to menswear items. This look inspired the rebirth of Treyematic, so I felt it only right that it be my first outfit featured on the blog.